2001 Show results

Best Longhair Adult, Overall BIS Longhair and Overall Pedigree BIS Exhibit

Champion Sorrentina Black Jack Owner: Mrs V Ediker Breeder:Mr & Mrs Schut

Best Longhair Kitten

Firanty Sheza Dream Owned/Breeder: Mrs D Cooke

Best LonghairNeuter

UK Gr Ch/GRPR Adhirsh Antique Jardiniere Owner: Mr & Mrs M J Clarke Breeder:Mr R J Watts

Best British Shorthair Adult

Ch. Bumpkin Millyvanilli Owner: Mrs K B Gough Breeder: Mrs J Wolfe

Best British Kitten

Coppedhall Redann Black Owner/Breeder: Mrs K B Gough

Best British Neuter and Overall BIS British Shorthair

Ch. and Pr Draconis Derfel Cadarn Owner/Breeder: Mr J A Houghton & Miss H Quinn

Best Non-Pedigree Adult

Duke Owner: Mrs P Potter

Best Non-Pedigree Kitten and Overall BIS Non-Pedigree Winner

Stuart Owner:

Overall Whiskas Winner

Billybean Owner: Mrs P Potter

Best Decorated Pen

Catbalu Babooshka Owner: Mrs J Chinery

Overall Pedigree Exhibit Best in Show Persian AdultChampion Sorrentina Black JackChampion Sorrentina Black Jack

Best in Show Persian Kitten Firanty Sheza Dream Firanty Sheza Dream <Firanty Sheza Dream <

Best in Show British Shorthair Adult Champion Bumpkin MillyvanilliChampion Bumpkin Millyvanilli

Best in Show Longhair Neuter

UK Grand Champion & Grand Premier Adhirsh Antique JardiniereUK Grand Champion & Grand Premier Adhirsh Antique Jardiniere

Overall Best in Show Non-Pedigree Exhibit Best in Show Non-Pedigree Kitten StuartStuart

AC Self Persian Grand Premier

Gr Pr Millcoombe Admiral BuoyGr Pr Millcoombe Admiral Buoy

AC British Shorthair Grand Premier Ch & Pr Singalto Lady GuenevereCh & Pr Singalto Lady Guenevere

BlueCream Persian Neuter

Pr Choebel Moonand SixpencePr Choebel Moonand Sixpence

Tortoiseshell Persian AdultCh. Pickwick MaggiemayCh. Pickwick Maggiemay

Sometimes life just gets TOO tiring

Sometimes life just gets TOO tiring

Alison Ashford (Chairman & Vice President) with Pat Richards (Show Manager)cutting the cake

Bunny Hare our 2001 Show Hostess

Bunny Hare our 2001 Show Hostess