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Best Longhair Adult,

Pizzacata Ruby Tuesday Owner: Mrs Haley

Best Longhair Kitten and Overall BIS Longhair

Admewlo Alisha Bloobell Owned Mrs Heather

Best LonghairNeuter

Gr. Pr. Pizzacata Firefighter Owner:Mrs Acton

Best British Shorthair Adult

Ch Atirasu Lady Penelope Owner: Mrs Flagg

Best British Kitten, Overall BIS British Shorthairand Overall BIS Pedigree Exhibit

Coppedhall Paintbrush Owner Mrs Wolfeh

Best British Neuter

Ch Leathely Chocolate Truffle Owner Mrs Pearce

Best Non-Pedigree Neuter and Overall BIS Non-Pedigree Winner

Duke Owner: Mrs P Potter

Best Non-Pedigree Kitten

Maugie Owner: Mrs Mudkins

Best Overall Pedigree Exhibit Best in Show British Shorthair Best in Show British Shorthair Kitten Coppedhall PaintbrushCoppedhall PaintbrushCoppedhall Paintbrush

Best in Show Longhair Best in Show Longhair Kitten Admewlo Alisha BloobellAdmewlo Alisha Bloobell

Best in Show British Shorthair AdultChampion Atirasu Lady PenelopeChampion Atirasu Lady Penelope

Best in Show Longhair Adult

Firanty  Counting StarsPizzacata Ruby Tuesday

Best in Show British Shorthair NeuterCh Leathley Chocolate TruffleCh Leathley Chocolate Truffle

Best in Show Longhair Neuter

Pizzacata FirefighterPizzacata Firefighter

Best in Show Household Pet Best Household Pet AdultDukeDuke

Best Household Pet Kitten


Self Longhair Grand MaleChampion Pizzacata InfernoChampion Pizzacata Inferno

Non-self Longhair Grand Male

Champion Doleygate Applause PleaseChampion Doleygate Applause Please

Non-self Longhair Grand Female Champion Maxwelton Double TakeChampion Maxwelton Double Take

Self Grand Premier Grand Female

Gr Ch. & Gr Pr. Trimani Show StopperGr Ch. & Gr Pr. Trimani Show Stopper